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# FontLab script to generate OpenType feature substitution code for selected glyphs
# works with simple ligatures and alternates.
# Does not attempt to decode multiple-feature glyphs such as "f_f_i.alt"
# as there is no single clear right input set for that
# by Thomas Phinney, open source under Apache 2.0 license
f = fl.font
if f == None:
# function to call for each glyph...
# it takes two arguments
def printCode(g):
if g == None:
# take the part of the glyph name before the period:
dropDot =".")[0]
# separate ligature components:
ligSplit = dropDot.replace("_"," ")
# if neither of these substitutions did anything, exit function and don't print the replacement code
if ligSplit == :
# hey, let's print the glyph replacement code now!
print " sub", ligSplit, "by", , ";"
# This is the actual program (using the function above)
font = fl.font
glyphs = font.glyphs
# for every glyph in the font
for index in range(len(glyphs)):
if fl.Selected(index):