Commits on Nov 1, 2011
  1. 2009-09-30

    tpircher committed Sep 29, 2009
        * fixed a bug that caused the result of the Python table-driven
        code not being evaluated at all.
        Closes issue 2870630. Thanks to Ildar Muslukhov.
  2. 2009-03-26

    tpircher committed Apr 4, 2009
    	* added crc-32mpeg. Thanks to Thomas Edwards.
  3. 2009-02-15

    tpircher committed Feb 27, 2009
    	* code tidy-up.
    	*, added --direct option.
    	* added --direct option for the generated code.
    	* added --check-hexstring option. Closes issue 2545183.
    	Thanks to Arnim Littek.
    	* added a check for extra arguments on the command line.
    	Closes issue 2545185. Thanks to Arnim Littek.
    	* doc/pycrc.xml: Added one more example.
  4. 2008-12-11

    tpircher committed Dec 11, 2008
    	* all files: run Python's 2to3 script on the files.
    	* all files: check the code on a x64 platform.
    	* fixed a bug that raised an exception when an unknown model
    	was selected.
  5. 2008-06-05

    tpircher committed Jun 4, 2008
    	* fixed a bug in the print_params function. Closes issue
    	1985197. Thanks to Artur Lipowski.
    	* pycrc.xml: new license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
    	Unported License.
  6. 2008-03-02

    tpircher committed Mar 3, 2008
    	* added dallas-1-wire 8 bit CRC.
    	* fixed a problem with the generated code for
    	bit-by-bit-fast algorithms. Thanks to Hans Bacher.
    	* added r-crc-16 model (DECT (cordless digital standard)
    	packets A-field according to ETSI EN 300 175-3 v2.1.1).
    	Thanks to "raimondo".
    	* added extern "C" declaration to the generated C header
    	file. Thanks to Nathan Royer.
    	* changed the API to take the CRC model direct as
    	parameter. Deleted the need for an obscure "opt" object.
    	* added --crc-type and --include-file options.
    	* added new file to handle CRC models
  7. 2007-12-05

    tpircher committed Dec 5, 2007
    	* fixed a bug in the code generator for the table-driven
    	algorithm. Thanks to Tom McDermott. Closes issue 1843774
  8. 2007-10-13

    tpircher committed Oct 12, 2007
    	* fixed some portability problems in the generated code.
    	Thanks to Helmut Bauer. Closes issue 1812894
    	* added new models: crc-5, crc-15, crc-16-usb, crc-24, crc-64.
    	The new models are taken from Ray Burr's CrcMoose.
    	* --check-file works now with --width < 8. Closes issue 1794343
    	* Removed unnecessary restriction on the width when using the
    	bit-by-bit-fast algorithm. Closes issue 1794344
  9. 2007-08-25

    tpircher committed Aug 24, 2007
    	* the parameter to --check-string was ignored. Closes issue
    	* the parameter to --check-string was ignored. Closes issue
    	* simplified the table-driven code. Closes issue 1727128
    	* changed the macro language syntax to a better format
    	* changed the macro language syntax to a better format
    	* changed the macro language syntax to a better format
    	* Renamed to
    	* all files: Documented thge usage of the crc_* modules
  10. 2007-08-12

    tpircher committed Aug 11, 2007
    	* test/ Added test for C89 compilation
    	* test/main.c: Added a test case to loop over the input bytes one by one
    	* Bugfix in the source code generator for C89:
    	Compilation error due to mismatch of parameters in the crc_finalize
    	* Changes related to 919107: Code generator includes
    	reflect() function even if not needed
    	* Fixed a typo in the C89 source code generator.
    	Thanks to Helmut Bauer
    	* all files: Tidied up the documentation
    	* all files: Code cleanup
    	* Deleted obsolete options
  11. 2007-05-15

    tpircher committed May 20, 2007
    	* Added the --std option to generate C89 (ANSI) compliant code
    	* Reduced the size of the symbol table by re-arranging
    	* test/ Added a new check to the test script which validate all
    	possible combination of undefined parameters
    	* Made the generated main function cope with command line
    	* Added the --generate table option
    	* Added a template engine for the code generation. Split up into smaller modules
    	* Added obsolete options again tor legacy reasons.
    	Added a better handling of the --model parameter.
    	* Changed licence to the MIT licence. This makes the additional
    	clause for generated source code obsolete.
    	Changed all command line options with underscores to hyphen (e.g.
    	table_driven becomes table-driven).
    	Added the option --generate which obsoletes the old options --generate_c
    	--generate_h etc.
  12. 2007-03-25

    tpircher committed Mar 25, 2007
    	* Fixed bug 1686404: unhandled exception when called with
    	both options --table_idx_width and --check_file
    	* Eliminated useless declaration of crc_reflect, when not used
    	* Corrected typos in the documentation
  13. 2007-01-27

    tpircher committed Jan 26, 2007
    	* Eliminated needless documentation of not generated functions
    	* Added more parameter sets (now supported: crc-8, crc-16, citt,
    	kermit, x-25, xmodem, zmodem, crc-32, crc-32c, posix, jam, xfer) from
    	* doc/pycrc.xml: Many corrections to the manual (thanks Francesca)
    	Documented the new parameter sets
    	* test/ added some new tests, disabled the random loop
    	* Added Doxygen documentation strings to the functions.
    	Added the --symbol_prefix option
    	Added the --check_file option
    	* doc/pycrc.xml: Corrected many typos and bad phrasing (still a lot to do)
    	Documented the --symbol_prefix option
    	* test/ Added a non-regression test on the generated C source
  14. 2007-01-14

    tpircher committed Jan 14, 2007
    	* first public release pycrc v0.3