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MarkLogic Node.js API - working with binary documents

Please note that the project requires you to have Node.js v6 or above and MarkLogic v8.0 or above.

This project uses binaries that are openly available. Video file (mp4) taken from: Music file (mp3) taken from


First make sure that connection.js contains the appropriate host, port number as well as the right username and password combination for a REST API instance.

By default we are using the Documents database.

In order to setup the project dependencies please make sure that you execute npm install first.

Displaying Images

In order to display an image please execute npm run image

Displaying a video using range requests

In order to see range requests in action please execute npm run range

Displaying metadata for binary documents

In order to display the properties metadata assigned to binaries please execute npm run metadata

Example application

A simple example app is also part of this repository that uses React to give some UI components to the UI. The app tries to showcase in a simple way how to display a video and some metadata from the database.

To start the application execute npm run app.

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