Addon for Local by Flywheel that lists active and inactive plugins and themes
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Plugins and Themes Addon for Local By Flywheel

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Add this addon to Local By Flywheel to see the active and inactive plugins for each site. This addon currently lists active and inactive themes/plugins. Now completely functional with Local by Flywheel v2.0. This addon will no longer work for Local versions less than 2.0



Installation for Non-Developers

  1. Download the latest release as a zip
  2. Extract contents of zip to desired location
  3. Open Local by Flywheel and go to Settings
  4. Click 'Addons' and 'Install Addon' and choose the location from step 2.

Installation for Developers

  1. Clone this repo: git clone local-addon-plugins-themes
  2. Run npm install
  3. Run initial build: npm run-script build
  4. Link into Local's addon directory: ln -s "$(pwd)" ~/Library/Application\ Support/Local\ by\ Flywheel/addons
  5. Restart Local and activate addon from Settings > Addons

Notes for Developers

  • To automatically transpile your JS while developing, just start watch task: npm run-script watch.
  • The only thing this starter addon currently does is open dev tools in Local and add a reload() function to the window object, type reload() into the dev tools console after you've saved/transpiled to see your changes.
  • I've noticed that using the symbolic link described in step 4. of the Quick Start can cause ridiculously long loading times. It's probably easier to develop directory inside the addon folder.

Installing Dev Dependencies

npm install

Folder Structure

All files in /src will be transpiled to /lib using Babel. Anything in /lib will be overwritten.


npm run-script build or npm run-script watch to transpile when source files are saved

Babel, transpiling, ES6, Node.js, what?

Not familiar with some or any of these terms? Here are a few resources to get you up to speed.

Dev Dependencies