@flihp flihp released this Dec 8, 2017 · 318 commits to master since this release

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  • Check SAPI library is < 2.0.0 (API change upstream).
  • Abstract class for IPC frontend implementation. Port dbus code from main
    module to class inheriting from the IpcFrontend.
  • SELinux policy module to work around policy in Fedora.
  • Limit maximum number of active sessions per connection with '--max-sessions'.
  • Flush all transient objects and sessions on daemon start with '--flush-all'.
  • Allow passing of sessions across connections with ContextSave / Load.


  • Set valgrind leak-check flag to 'full'.
  • Client / server communication uses PF_LOCAL sockets instead of pipes.
  • bootstrap script now creates VERSION file from 'git describe'. Autoconf gets
    version string from it, automake distributes it in 'distcheck'.
  • Test harness upgraded to simulator version 974.
  • Unit tests upgraded to the 1.x cmocka API.
  • Replace use of thread in CommandSource with GMainLoop.
  • Replace use of file descriptors with GIO streams.
  • Separate 'dispose' and 'finalize' functions in each object.
  • Move creation of FDs from connection_new to calling context (dependency


  • Unref the GUnixFDList returned by GIO / dbus in the TCTI init function.
    This fixes a memory leak in the TCTI library.