@flihp flihp released this Jun 22, 2018 · 95 commits to master since this release

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  • Integration test script and build support to execute integration tests
    against a physical TPM2 device on the build platform.
  • Implementation of dynamic TCTI initialization mechanism.
  • configure option --enable-integration to enable integration tests.
    The simulator executable must be on PATH.
  • Support for version 2.0 of tpm2-tss libraries.


  • 'max-transient-objects' command line option renamted to 'max-transients'.
  • Added -Wextra for more strict checks at compile time.
  • Install location of headers to $(includedir)/tss2.


  • Added missing checks for NULL parameters identified by the check-build.
  • Bug in session continuation logic.
  • Off by one error in HandleMap.
  • Memory leak and uninitialized variable issues in unit tests.


  • Command line option --fail-on-loaded-trans.
  • udev rules for TPM device node. This now lives in the tpm2-tss repo.
  • Remove legacy TCTI initialization functions.
  • configure option --with-simulatorbin.