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PKCS #11 is a Public-Key Cryptography Standard that defines a standard method to access cryptographic services from tokens/ devices such as hardware security modules (HSM), smart cards, etc. In this project we intend to use a TPM2 device as the cryptographic token.

Getting Started

Example Usages

  • SSH - How to configure and use it with SSH.
  • P11 - How to configure and use it with various P11 components.
  • PKCS11-TOOL - How to configure and use it with OpenSC's pkcs11-tool.
  • EAP-TLS - How to configure and use it for Wi-Fi authentication using EAP-TLS.
  • INTEROPERABILITY - Configuration details for interoperability with tss2-engine and tpm2-tools projects. Note, the tpm2-tools interoperability could cover other projects that use raw marshalled TPM 2.0 structures.

Advanced Knowledge