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TCTI module for use with TSS2 libraries in UEFI environment
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Signed-off-by: Philip Tricca <>
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This is an implementation of a TCTI module for use with the TCG TPM2 Software Stack (TSS2) in the UEFI environment. This library is built as a static archive libtss2-tcti-uefi.a suitable for linking with UEFI applications.

API Stability

Methods for hiding symbols in a static arcive from users are not portable and so this implementation makes no effort to do so. This does not imply that all symbols from the archive present part of a stable API. The only stable API exposed is the TCTI as specified by the TCG. This is a single function called Tss2_Tcti_Uefi_Init. All other symbols are subject to change without notice.

Build and Installation Instructions

Instructions to build and install libtss2-tcti-uefi.a are available in the INSTALL file.

Source Layout

├── example - sample code using UEFI TCG2 protocol and tpm2-tss libraries
├── src - source code and headers for libtss2-tcti-uefi.a
└── test - unit tests

Getting in Touch

If you're looking to discuss the source code in this project or get some questions answered you should join the TPM2 mailing list: We also have an IRC channel set up on FreeNode called #tpm2.0-tss.

Test Cases

Test strategy and cases are documented in docs/


Several example UEFI executables are provided for reference and documented in docs/

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