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ASOS-METAR Decoding Key.pdf
Aeronautical Information Manual with Changes 1-3, Dated 4-27-17.pdf
Air Traffic Control - April 3, 2014 - 7110.65V.pdf
Air Traffic Control - December 10, 2015 - 7110.65W.pdf
Aircrew Quick Reference to the METAR and TAF Codes.pdf
Airspace Made Easy.pdf
Anti-Collision Systems.pdf
Cessna 172R - Pilot's Operating Handbook (Dec 2, 1996).pdf
Citizen Skyhawk WR-200 Manual.pdf
Compass Turns.pdf
Compass Turns.pptx
FAA - AIM - Basic Flight Information and ATC Procedures - April 3rd 2014 (aim_basic_4-03-14).pdf
Honeywell - Bending-King KLN-94 Quick Reference (006-18228-0000_2).pdf
Honeywell - Bendix-King KT-76C Panel-Mounted Transponder.pdf
Honeywell - Bendix-King Silver Crown Plus - Avionics Systems - Pilot's Guide (2012).pdf
Honeywell - KAP140 - Bendix-King Autopilot System - Pilot's Guide.pdf
Honeywell - KLN-94 Pilot's Guide (2002).pdf
IFR Know-All Handout.pdf
Pilot and Controller Glossary (4-27-17).pdf
Super Decathlon - Airplane Flight Manual (8KCAB).pdf
T-6 Primary Flying (afman11-248).pdf
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