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@@ -67,18 +67,18 @@ A type consists of
Types are stored below cdist/conf/type/. Their name should always be prefixed with
two underscores (__) to prevent collisions with other executables in $PATH.
-To begin a new type, just create the directory **cdist/conf/type/__NAME**.
+To implement a new type, create the directory **cdist/conf/type/__NAME**.
Every type consists of required, optional and boolean parameters, which must
-be created in a newline separated file in ***parameter/required***,
+each be declared in a newline separated file in ***parameter/required***,
***parameter/required_multiple***, ***parameter/optional***,
***parameter/optional_multiple*** and ***parameter/boolean***.
Parameters which are allowed multiple times should be listed in
-required_multiple or optional_multiple respectively. For all other parameters
-the standard unix behaviour of the last given wins is applied.
+required_multiple or optional_multiple respectively. All other parameters
+follow the standard unix behaviour "the last given wins".
If either is missing, the type will have no required, no optional, no boolean
or no parameters at all.
@@ -125,7 +125,7 @@ fi
Every type can access what has been written on stdin when it has been called.
The result is saved into the ***stdin*** file in the object directory.

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