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A greasemonkey script that lets you annotate search results of various real estate search engines
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homegate_notes is a Greasemonkey script to annotate the search results of various real estate search engines.

See for an example.

The script also illustrates how you can make a Greasemonkey script that lets you annotate search results.

For Greasemonkey see:

You can find many more Greasemonkey scripts at:

Actually this script also has a second home there:

Supported real estate search engines


  • does Ajax requests to retrieve its results. I have not yet figured out how to catch those automatically and then add the note input fields. Thus you need to click on the little "show notes" field in the bottom left, to load the note fields.

  • if you prefix your note with "nix:" then the comment will be coloured in blue, suggesting that the annotated estate is not interesting.




Tomáš Pospíšek - tpo_deb at

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