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"""Plot average trips on weekdays by hour of day for dry and wet weather.
import sys
import os
import argparse
import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import seaborn as sns
# Args ------------------------------------------------------------------------
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description="Plotting script.")
parser.add_argument('--pdf', default=False, action="store_true",
help="Output PDF file.")
parser.add_argument('--png', default=False, action="store_true",
help="Output PNG file.")
parser.add_argument("--show", default=False, action="store_true",
help="Show plot in GUI.")
parser.add_argument("--tex", default=False, action="store_true",
help="Render with TeX.")
parser.add_argument("--start", default='2015-01-04', help="Start date.",
parser.add_argument("--end", default='2017-01-03', help="End date.",
opts, unknown = parser.parse_known_args()
print('opts:', opts)
# Data ------------------------------------------------------------------------
FPATH = 'data/raw/london_merged.csv'
START_DATE = opts.start
END_DATE = opts.end
df_raw = pd.read_csv(filepath_or_buffer=FPATH, index_col=0, parse_dates=[0],
dtype={'weather_code':, 'is_holiday': np.bool, 'is_weekend': bool,
'season': int})
df = df_raw.loc[START_DATE:END_DATE]
df['dayofweek'] = df.index.dayofweek
df['hour'] = df.index.hour
df = df[df['is_weekend'] == False]
df = df[df['is_holiday'] == False]
df['dry'] = df['weather_code'].isin([1,2,3,4])
# Plot ------------------------------------------------------------------------
pal = sns.color_palette('deep')
if opts.tex:
import matplotlib
matplotlib.rcParams['text.usetex'] = True
fig, ax = plt.subplots(1, 1, figsize=(8, 5))
sns.lineplot(x='hour', y='cnt', hue='dry', data=df, ax=ax, ci=95,
palette=[pal[0], pal[1]])
ax.set_xlabel('Hour of Day')
ax.set_ylabel('Average Trips per Hour')
ax.set_xticks(range(0, 24))
ax.set_xlim([0, 23])
plt.legend(title=None, loc=0, labels=['Wet', 'Dry'])
# Output ----------------------------------------------------------------------
path_no_ext = os.path.splitext(sys.argv[0])[0]
if opts.pdf:
plt.savefig(path_no_ext + '.pdf')
if opts.png:
plt.savefig(path_no_ext + '.png')
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