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Thanks for contributing to this project. Any addition and comment is useful, and we're grateful that you are investing some time.

How to contribute?

This is detailed in the README.

How to setup your development environment?

At the very least, you will need Jupyter on your machine. They offer installation instructions on their website.

If you intend to run the code in the notebooks, you will need a working Julia installation. These lessons will target the latest stable release. Finally, you will need IJulia to run the Julia kernel.

When you have forked the lesson, start by creating a new branch with an explicit name. Something like lesson2-clarify-while is helpful. As soon as this is done, open a pull request against the master branch, so we can keep track of what happens.

To see diff and merge issues with notebooks, we recommend nbdime.

A note about Jupyter notebooks in GitHub

Because Jupyter notebooks store the output, and the execution order, things can get messy from a version control point of view. We highly recommend that before submitting a pull request, you Clean all output and Shutdown the kernel for the lessons you are working on. This will put the lessons in "blank slate" mode, where learners can start.