Bipartite webs analysis using python
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bipy is a collection of python scripts to analyze and visualize two-mode (bipartite) networks, mostly aimed at ecological datasets

bipy is released under the terms of the GNU GPL

Author : Timothee Poisot Language : Python 2.7 (although not tested, might work under 2.6) Requires : numpy, scipy, pyx, tempfile, urllib, networkx

Changes in this release (v1.0.2)

  • Faster measures of nestedness and modularity
  • q_c replaced by use_c, also used by nestedness
  • import from and export to NetworkX
  • method save in bipartite using pickle to keep a bipartite object
  • function load to import a previously saved object
  • networklevel method to output summary statistics

For a list of the features...

... see the website.