An import script to move from Trello to Kanboard.
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#Kanboard Trello import

This is a simple command-line script to move your Trello-based boards to your self-hosted instance.

If you have any suggestions or found an issue, please report an issue, suggestions are welcome!

##Installation Perform a git clone or download this repository as a zip file to your local PC. Execute composer install to install the RPC client dependency.


php import.php http://server/jsonrpc.php apitoken trellokey trellotoken trelloboard userid
  • server URL, this is the URL to your kanboardservers' jsonrpc.php file
  • apiToken, this is the api token for the RPC calls. You can find this value in Settings -> API.
  • trelloKey and trelloToken. You can get yourself a key and a token to your board from (look for "Click here to request a token to be used in the example")
  • trelloboard, the shortlink of your Trello Board. You can find that in the URL in your webbrowser, eg. in it would be the AbCdEf5g
  • userId, this value is optional. Comments in kanboard require a user that writes the comment. If a valid userId is provided then comments are also copied.

##Known limitations

  • Creation and modification timestamps are not copied
  • Attachments are not imported, but are attempted to be downloaded and stored in the folder you are executing the command from.

#Credits The JSON RPC API interface and the JSON client itself from @fguillot make creating this script relatively easy.

Also thanks to Trello for making an awesome product, unfortunately it is only available in a hosted version.