undefined method `pending_fixed?' for #<Fivemat::RSpec:0x8e1e88c> #4

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Everything is fine when tests are passing, but if there are failures, I get the following error upon completion of a group.

fivemat-1.0.0/lib/fivemat/rspec.rb:24:in block in example_group_finished': undefined methodpending_fixed?' for #Fivemat::RSpec:0x8e1e88c (NoMethodError)

This is with Rails 3.0.7 and Rspec 2.6.3

tpope closed this in e6da41a Apr 14, 2012


tpope commented Apr 14, 2012

Fixed. Try the version in Git and report back if it doesn't work.

gem 'fivemat', :git => 'git://github.com/tpope/fivemat.git'
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