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Remember The Milk Ruby API and command line interface
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Ruby API and command line client for Remember The Milk.

Command line usage

The sole motivation for this project was a quick way to capture to-dos from the command line. As such, I've chosen a chosen a very short command name of ru (something I'd normally never allow myself to do). All arguments are joined with spaces and used to invoke Remember The Milk's Smart Add feature.

ru buy milk #errand

Browser based authentication is triggered the first time ru is run, and the resulting token is cached in ~/.rtm.yml.

I was originally planning to add support for the full range of operations possible in Remember The Milk, but after pondering the interface, this seems unlikely. I just can't imagine myself forgoing the web interface in favor of something like:

ru --complete 142857 # Ain't gonna happen

API Usage

The API is a bit more fleshed out than the command line interface, but still incomplete, under-documented, and under-tested (I have additional integration tests I won't publish because they are specific to my RTM account). You'll need to familiarize yourself with Remember The Milk's API. In particular, you need to understand what a timeline is.

interface =, shared_secret)
interface = # Uses built in credentials

account = interface.account(auth_token)
account = interface.account # browser based and cached
account = Rumember.account # shortcut

timeline = account.timeline # cached
timeline = account.new_timeline # fresh each time

timeline.smart_add('buy milk #errand')

list = timeline.lists.first
task = list.tasks.first
transaction = task.complete


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