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tpope's dotfiles. here be dragons
VimL Shell Lua C JavaScript Ruby Other
Latest commit 78b5550 @tpope Try bin/tpope in .local/bin
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.config/awesome Freedesktop menus in awesome
.git_template Tighten ignore of tags file
.gnupg Disable gpg key downloading
.local/bin Try bin/tpope in .local/bin
.netscape Miscellaneous Mozilla changes
.pixmaps/mini New terminal pixmaps
.ruby/lib Move old rvm garbage where it won't hurt
.ssh New hostname convention
.terminfo Switch to 256 color rxvt-unicode
.vim/after Bump dispatch.vim
.xmonad Enhance xmonad config
bin Try bin/tpope in .local/bin
.Xresources Eliminate some sensible-browser references
.bash_logout Version .bash_logout
.bash_profile Shell env tweaks
.bashrc Moving on
.cshrc Try bin/tpope in .local/bin
.curlrc Make netrc optional for curl
.cvsignore Tighten ignore of tags file
.dir_colors Comment out portability problems in .dir_colors
.gitconfig Git cherry-lick
.gtkrc-2.0 Begin moving to .gktrc-2.0.mine
.gtkrc-2.0.mine Begin moving to .gktrc-2.0.mine
.inputrc Work around JLine limitations
.irbrc Fix exec of pry from irb
.less Add less config
.lessfilter Pretty JSON in less
.lesskey Add less config
.login Fix mail check conditionals
.logout Delete commented out code
.mailcap Use transmission-remote to add torrents
.muttrc Bankruptcy commit
.profile Shell env tweaks
.pryrc Cope with older pry ignoring $VISUAL
.screenrc Enable hardstatus alwayslastline in screen
.shrc Remove some hard coded bin/tpope paths
.tmux.conf Set window urgency on terminal bell
.urlview Fix sensible-browser references
.vimrc Support custom SRC directory
.xbindkeysrc.scm Load local config for xbindkeys
.xsession Skeleton xmonad config
.xsessionrc Leverage .xsessionrc to force our own session
.zlogin Fix mail check conditionals
.zlogout Delete commented out code
.zshenv Add ~/.bin and ~/.local/bin to path
.zshrc Try bin/tpope in .local/bin
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