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+Edit ICO, PNG, and GIF icons. No really. They're converted with
+[ImageMagick]( to XPM, a plain text image
+format with beautiful syntax highlighting in GUI versions of Vim. Here,
+it's easier just to show you:
+![Beautiful syntax highlighting](
+And yes, I did say edit. Obviously you're not going to be uninstalling
+Photoshop anytime soon, but for stupid simple tweaks, it gets the job
+Oh, and it can also handle PDFs (with
+Word Documents (read-only, with [Antiword](,
+and Mac OS X plist files.
+If you don't have a preferred installation method, I recommend
+installing [pathogen.vim](, and
+then simply copy and paste:
+ cd ~/.vim/bundle
+ git clone git://
+Once help tags have been generated, you can view the manual with
+`:help afterimage`.
+See the contribution guidelines for
+Like afterimage.vim? Follow the repository on
+[GitHub]( and vote for it on
+[]( And if
+you're feeling especially charitable, follow [tpope]( on
+[Twitter]( and
+Distributable under the same terms as Vim itself. See `:help license`.

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