Change nmap \\\ to nmap \\\\ to fix the mapping and get rid of spurious startup message. #16

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In Vim 7.3.754, the nmap \\\ <Plug>CommentaryLine line causes the following message to be displayed every time I start vim:

n  \             <Plug>Commentary

and the \\ mapping does not get defined.

Changing it to nmap \\\\ <Plug>CommentaryLine seems to correct this problem.


Breaks it for me on .547. It's very uncharacteristic of Vim to break backwards compatibility in this way; can you figure out if there's an additional backstory?


I don't have this problem on .831. Could it be an issue with 'cpoptions'?


cpoptions was indeed the reason. My cpoptions setting is missing 'B' and that seems to affect the left side of the mapping too.

I'll revise the patch to temporarily set 'B' in cpoptions instead.

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