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Latest commit fc8d1e6 Apr 1, 2016 @tpope dispatch.vim 1.4
* Show success/failure (zero/nonzero) exit status on completion.
* Always open quickfix on failure exit status.
* Pause after :Start failure exit status.
* Support :Start -wait= for exit pause control.
* Add make support to X11 handler.
* Set window title in tmux panes.
* Allow tmux completion to call other autocommands.
* Fix X11 adapter in terminal with foreground :Make.
* Support %< in makeprg string.
* Don't try to use clientserver support on Neovim.
* Strip `^O` from the output.
* Fix focus after screen foreground :Dispatch.
* Drop interrupt special casing.
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dispatch.vim dispatch.vim 1.4 Apr 1, 2016