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Plugin functionality broken #25

troessner opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Not sure if this really is the case, but from my POV as a user it is:

  • I installed it via pathogen

( $ ) ls ~/.vim/bundle/
nerdcommenter nerdtree supertab syntastic vim-autoclose vim-endwise vim-fugitive

  • I open up a new window in bash

  • I do a

vi /tmp/foo.rb

and then start with:

if true

and hit ENTER.

Shouldn't the plugin now automatically add an "end" here?

Or is this a configuration issue?

There is no mention of a specific configuration here so I assumed it would work out of the box with reasonable defaults.


That should work. I know in the past there have been conflicts with supertab (which I think is resolved in the latest of each), so you might try removing it to start tracking the problem down.


Found the culprit!..:)

When I have that in my bundle directory vim-endwise doesn't do anything as described above.

Any suggestions on how to continue? I mean, I could open up an issue for vim-autoclose, but maybe it's vim-endwise fault as well?


Sorry if this came out wrong, I didn't want to focus on something is "wrong" - probably both plugins are doing their job perfectly fine.
From my POV I just want to use both of them simultaneously so any advice would be greatly appreciated..:)


I'll leave figuring the details out to you, but I can tell you vim-endwise is centered around remapping <CR>, whereas it looks like vim-autoclose might use it for an optional frill? Perhaps you can disable that behavior?


@troessner @tpope I had the same problem today. I fixed it by clearing the AutoCloseExpandEnterOn var when editing Ruby files.

Put the following in your ~/.vimrc:

autocmd FileType ruby,eruby :let g:AutoCloseExpandEnterOn=""

@davelens, thanks for that. A huge headache I haven't had time to dig into.


@davelens ahhhh, you're the man! Works like a charm, thanks a ton..:)

@tpope tpope closed this
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