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24f3421 May 29, 2017
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" flatfoot.vim - Flatfoot
" Maintainer: Tim Pope
" Flatfoot helps you to quickly jump to arbitrary predefined short patterns
" within a line. An example might be to jump between the "humps" of a
" camelCaseWord. The interface involves passing f, t, F, or T a control
" character which corresponds to a predefined regexp. The ; and , commands
" will use this regexp as one would expect.
" A global variable named flatfoot_1 contains the regexp for CTRL-A, and
" flatfoot_26 CTRL-Z. In other words, the decimal ASCII value of the key
" press becomes the number at the end of the variable. For example,
" :let flatfoot_21 = '\u'
" sets CTRL-U to find the next uppercase character. CTRL-U comes predefined
" for this, and CTRL-W and CTRL-E comes predefined to handle the beginning and
" ending of camelCase and snake_case words.
" If you like the power of this plugin but don't like the awkward use of
" control characters, the following alternate (but discouraged) alternative is
" provided:
" nmap <silent><expr> <Leader>u Flatfoot('f','\u')
" xmap <silent><expr> <Leader>u Flatfoot('f','\u')
" omap <silent><expr> <Leader>u Flatfoot('f','\u','o')
" The first argument is the kind of search to use (f, t, F, or T), and the
" second is the pattern. The optional third argument indicates the mode.
" Since there is no way to detect operator pending mode, you MUST provide
" both a regular map and an omap, as shown above.
" Exit quickly when:
" - this plugin was already loaded (or disabled)
" - when 'compatible' is set
" - the version is less than 7.0
if (exists("g:loaded_flatfoot") && g:loaded_flatfoot) || &cp || v:version < 700
let g:loaded_flatfoot = 1
let s:cpo_save = &cpo
set cpo&vim
" Defaults {{{1
if !exists("g:flatfoot_".char2nr("\<C-U>"))
let flatfoot_{char2nr("\<C-U>")} = '\u'
if !exists("g:flatfoot_".char2nr("\<C-W>"))
let flatfoot_{char2nr("\<C-W>")} = '\C[[:alnum:]]\@<![[:alnum:]]\|[^[:upper:]]\@<=[[:upper:]]\|[[:upper:]][[:lower:]]\@='
if !exists("g:flatfoot_".char2nr("\<C-E>"))
let flatfoot_{char2nr("\<C-E>")} = '\C[[:alnum:]][[:alnum:]]\@!\|[[:lower:][:digit:]][[:upper:]]\@=\|[[:upper:]]\%([[:upper:]][[:lower:]]\)\@='
" }}}1
" Code {{{1
function! s:escapemode(mode)
let mode = a:mode == "" ? mode() : a:mode
let mode = mode == "\<C-V>" ? "\<C-V>" . mode : mode
return mode
function! Flatfoot(op,pattern,...)
let mode = s:escapemode(a:0 ? a:1 : mode())
return ''.":\<C-U>call FlatfootFindPattern(".string(a:op).",".string(a:pattern).",'".mode."')\<CR>"
function! s:findexpr(op,mode,...)
let c = a:0 ? a:1 : getchar()
if !exists("g:flatfoot_".c) && !exists("b:flatfoot_".c)
unlet! s:last_pattern
unlet! s:last_reverse
return a:op.nr2char(c)
let mode = s:escapemode(a:mode)
return ''.":\<C-U>call FlatfootFindChar('".a:op."',".c.",'".mode."')\<CR>"
function! FlatfootFindChar(op,c,mode)
let pat = exists("b:flatfoot_".a:c) ? b:flatfoot_{a:c} : g:flatfoot_{a:c}
return FlatfootFindPattern(a:op,pat,a:mode)
function! FlatfootFindPattern(op,pattern,mode)
let pattern = a:pattern
let reverse = ''
if a:op ==# 't'
let pattern = '.\%(' . pattern . '\)'
elseif a:op ==# 'T'
let pattern = '\%(' . pattern . '\)\zs.'
let reverse = 'b'
elseif a:op ==# 'F'
let reverse = 'b'
let s:last_pattern = pattern
let s:last_reverse = reverse
return s:go(pattern, reverse, v:count1, a:mode)
function! s:repeatexpr(op,mode)
let mode = s:escapemode(a:mode)
if exists("s:last_pattern")
return ''.":\<C-U>call FlatfootFindLast('".a:op."','".mode."')\<CR>"
return a:op
function! FlatfootFindLast(op,mode)
if a:op == ","
let reverse = s:last_reverse ==# 'b' ? '' : 'b'
let reverse = s:last_reverse
return s:go(s:last_pattern, reverse, v:count1, a:mode)
function! s:adjustmode(mode)
if a:mode ==? "v" || a:mode == "\<C-V>"
norm! gv
elseif a:mode == "o"
norm! v
function! s:go(pattern,reverse,count,mode)
call s:adjustmode(a:mode)
"let g:debug = v:count1 . a:pattern . a:reverse . col('.')
let oldcol = virtcol('.')
let i = 0
while i < v:count1
if !search(a:pattern,a:reverse,line('.'))
exe "norm! ".oldcol."|"
" Use escape to beep, but don't cancel visual mode
if a:mode !=? "v" && a:mode != "\<C-V>"
exe "norm! \<Esc>"
return 0
let i = i + 1
return col('.')
" }}}1
" Maps {{{1
nnoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>f <SID>findexpr('f',mode(),getchar())
nnoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>F <SID>findexpr('F',mode(),getchar())
nnoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>t <SID>findexpr('t',mode(),getchar())
nnoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>T <SID>findexpr('T',mode(),getchar())
nnoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>; <SID>repeatexpr(';',mode())
nnoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>, <SID>repeatexpr(',',mode())
xnoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>f <SID>findexpr('f',mode(),getchar())
xnoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>F <SID>findexpr('F',mode(),getchar())
xnoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>t <SID>findexpr('t',mode(),getchar())
xnoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>T <SID>findexpr('T',mode(),getchar())
xnoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>; <SID>repeatexpr(';',mode())
xnoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>, <SID>repeatexpr(',',mode())
onoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>f <SID>findexpr('f','o',getchar())
onoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>F <SID>findexpr('F','o',getchar())
onoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>t <SID>findexpr('t','o',getchar())
onoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>T <SID>findexpr('T','o',getchar())
onoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>; <SID>repeatexpr(';','o')
onoremap <silent> <expr> <SID>, <SID>repeatexpr(',','o')
nnoremap <silent> <script> f <SID>f
nnoremap <silent> <script> F <SID>F
nnoremap <silent> <script> t <SID>t
nnoremap <silent> <script> T <SID>T
nnoremap <silent> <script> ; <SID>;
nnoremap <silent> <script> , <SID>,
xnoremap <silent> <script> f <SID>f
xnoremap <silent> <script> F <SID>F
xnoremap <silent> <script> t <SID>t
xnoremap <silent> <script> T <SID>T
xnoremap <silent> <script> ; <SID>;
xnoremap <silent> <script> , <SID>,
onoremap <silent> <script> f <SID>f
onoremap <silent> <script> F <SID>F
onoremap <silent> <script> t <SID>t
onoremap <silent> <script> T <SID>T
onoremap <silent> <script> ; <SID>;
onoremap <silent> <script> , <SID>,
" }}}1
let &cpo = s:cpo_save
" vim:set ft=vim ff=unix ts=8 sw=4 sts=4: