Don't enable maps when the file isn't in a repository. #227

meh opened this Issue Jul 15, 2012 · 1 comment

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I started using vimpager and got into a small issue with git log, when I call git log it saves stdout in a file and opens that file, when I use j or C-e it says fugitive: not a git repository: /tmp/vimpager_20257/stdin, could the maps be disabled when it's a git filetype but not in a repo?


@tpope tpope added a commit that closed this issue Jul 15, 2012
@tpope Don't activate maps without b:git_dir
Closes #227.
@tpope tpope closed this in ca6d4ca Jul 15, 2012

Advice so obvious, it makes you wonder why it was ever any other way. Rectified.

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