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I took an initial look at issue #19 [0] but this seems a bit different.

I have to work with a set of pre-commit hooks that display errors in a few lines almost
always. So when something fails due to a pre-commit hook, I can't tell why because all
I am able to read is the first line of all the output (which does not include the actual error).

It seems fugitive is using messages, and when I do check :messages I again see just one

Is there a way to see the whole output of a failure in a hook?

I was using the latest version of the plugin (1.2) so I decided to checkout the latest changes from the
actual repo but I still found the same problem.

[0] #19

I went through the pre-commit hooks and removed all of the echo statements that I found that were not
reporting errors.

It seems that whenever a hook is using multiple echo calls to report something (e.g. "Checking foo... pass")
fugitive thinks this is an error (is that a possibility?) I made sure those echo were not returning a specific
shell exit number though.

Once I removed them, I was able to commit without issues.


tpope commented Jul 19, 2011

What sort of output do you see when you invoke GIT_EDITOR=false git commit in the console?

I'm probably doing it wrong, but GIT_EDITOR=false git commit returns:

error: There was a problem with the editor 'false'.
Please supply the message using either -m or -F option.

tpope commented Jul 19, 2011

Nope, that's exactly correct, and it's what :Gcommit looks for. I expected the pre-commit hook to munge it somehow.

I'm getting this same error and I have no hooks at all.

Although strangely, I only get it when I :Gcommit. :Gstatus and then C to commit works fine.

Changing lines 898 and 900 to /bin/false instead of false took care of it. Not sure what that implies in this case really.


tpope commented Sep 12, 2012

Interesting. Is :!echo $PATH missing /bin too?

@alfredodeza might this fix it for you as well?

No, strangely. Both :echo $PATH and :!echo $PATH show that /bin is present. Also /usr/bin/false is symlinked to it and /usr/bin is also in the path.

which false returns "/usr/bin/false" and it does work at a normal prompt.

No idea what's going on in fugitve that was failing.

@tpope this will not fix my problem because /bin/false doesn't exist in my environment. I have false as a shell built-in command and /usr/bin/false

:echo $PATH shows /bin/ and /usr/bin/


tpope commented Sep 13, 2012

Yeah, that's why I haven't blindly merged in such a change. What if you plug in /usr/bin/false instead? It doesn't make sense, but neither does anything @johntyree has reported.

I agree. None of this is making sense. But it didn't make sense to begin with. Why did :Gstatus and then C work but directly using :Gcommit did not? Even after successfully commiting with :Gstatus, :Gcommit still failed immediately.

I would imagine that /usr/bin/false will work for @alfredodeza but you never know. It would probably work here too, but I'm not going to screw with it now that it works again.

I believe I found the problem. My particular situation has nothing to do with false or having missing things in my $PATH.

In the s:Commit function when v:shell_error evaluates to a non-zero exit status, an errorfile is read and then filtered with this line:

let error = get(errors,-2,get(errors,-1,'!'))

Where errors is the result from reading the error file and error is the filtered string from the original array.

Subsequently, it tries to match that filtered error against a few regular expressions. If none of them work the error is thrown:

call s:throw(error)

And later caught, adding the echoerr highlighting which is what I see. But since all the lines of the echo statements where filtered, I get the empty line.

I am not sure what the right procedure is here (I would submit a pull request otherwise). Going through errors and displaying them if nothing happens seems to much tailored to my needs.

vnikk commented Jul 13, 2017

Hi. I got the same issue. When i do :Gcommit with some changes staged it just shows an empty bash screen (without any hook output). What would be the correct way to use those hooks with fugitive?

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