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Update doc/fugitive.txt to allow :Gbrowse to work properly with MacOS #255

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:+1: This works great! Thanks @xiaogwu.

@tpope tpope closed this pull request from a commit
@tpope Mention OS X browser in FAQ
Closes #255.
@tpope tpope closed this in 14958f3

I've added it to the FAQ instead. I wish someone would chase down the problem upstream in Git, as the detection works just fine for me.

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5 doc/fugitive.txt
@@ -198,6 +198,11 @@ that are part of Git repositories).
"git instaweb" from a terminal). If a range is given,
it is appropriately appended to the URL as an anchor.
+ To use with MacOS, add web.browser variable to global
+ git config and set it to the open command:
+ git config --global web.browser open
To use with GitHub FI, point g:fugitive_github_domains
at a list of domains:
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