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Add fixup to gitrebase cycling

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1 parent 5fdd2dc commit bda9f09bda79b6154d6a3e2db06a406b002b5f09 @tpope committed Feb 14, 2010
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3 ftplugin/gitrebase.vim
@@ -21,13 +21,14 @@ function! s:choose(word)
function! s:cycle()
- call s:choose(get({'s':'edit','p':'squash','e':'reword'},getline('.')[0],'pick'))
+ call s:choose(get({'s':'edit','p':'squash','e':'reword','r':'fixup'},getline('.')[0],'pick'))
command! -buffer -bar Pick :call s:choose('pick')
command! -buffer -bar Squash :call s:choose('squash')
command! -buffer -bar Edit :call s:choose('edit')
command! -buffer -bar Reword :call s:choose('reword')
+command! -buffer -bar Fixup :call s:choose('fixup')
command! -buffer -bar Cycle :call s:cycle()
" The above are more useful when they are mapped; for example:
"nnoremap <buffer> <silent> S :Cycle<CR>

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