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Missing documentation "How to install" #2

sobrinho opened this Issue · 5 comments

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I'm interesting on this Vim plugin but i don't know how I install it. Missing documentation?

Thank you


+1, even if I suspect I have to copy/link every link to my .vim folders.


Wow, how have I missed this for over a year? Briefly, yes, copying/symlinking is the traditional way. Personally, I use pathogen.vim as described in

Leaving this open because I haven't rectified the documentation yet.


Adding a +1 to bump this back into the light.

If you would like me to just cut a branch and add a README that matches the Installation and Contributing sections of your other projects that you can review in a PR, just let me know.
Given all of the great tpope vim projects out there I would be happy to take the time if it makes things easier.


Opened #70, closing.

@sobrinho sobrinho closed this
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