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Doesn't support HTML5 elements #37

exchgr opened this Issue · 6 comments

3 participants


HTML5 elements like %header and %nav are not rendered with the same highlighting as older HTML elements like %ul or %title.


Please report this to the maintainer of syntax/html.vim, as that's where syntax/haml.vim gets its HTML highlighting.

@tpope tpope closed this

Thanks. Where might I find that person? I tried Google, but it got me nowhere. Is that file a part of the main Vim development?

In the meantime, I'm using this, which is awesome and fixes the problem.


It is, and if you open it up, you'll find a maintainer listed at the top.


Excellent, thanks.


Check out html5.vim! problem solved for me


I must've done that a long time ago, but it works for me, too.

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