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Ariba commented Mar 3, 2011

The indentation of SCSS is screwed up because it uses the CSS indent which do not have nesting. Somebody else asked the question on Stackoverflow.

I have implementet the answer and it works like a charm. So all credit goes to answerer Al


graywh commented Mar 3, 2011

Pretty good. It doesn't handle any text on the same line after an opening brace.

Mange commented Mar 4, 2011

Awesome. I hope this feature ends up in mainline


tpope commented Mar 6, 2011

I actually contacted the maintainer of indent/css.vim about a month back, and he agreed it was an issue that should be fixed there (CSS does a little bit of nesting too, like in @media blocks). He came up with and assured me it would be shipped with the next version of Vim.

Is it possible this patch hasn't been pushed yet? I had to patch my vim 7.3.3 manually to fix this issue.

PD: I don't know how to look for this info myself as I am starting with opensource. I someone could point me how to look it up myself I won't be repeating silly questions like this in the future :P


tpope commented Sep 6, 2012

Quite probable. It won't truly be released until Vim 7.4 (although some distributors may backport it). I'm not even sure if it's been submitted upstream.

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