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" Vim syntax file
" Language: Liquid
" Maintainer: Tim Pope <>
" Filenames: *.liquid
if exists('b:current_syntax')
if !exists('main_syntax')
let main_syntax = 'liquid'
if !exists('g:liquid_default_subtype')
let g:liquid_default_subtype = 'html'
if !exists('b:liquid_subtype') && main_syntax == 'liquid'
let s:lines = getline(1)."\n".getline(2)."\n".getline(3)."\n".getline(4)."\n".getline(5)."\n".getline("$")
let b:liquid_subtype = matchstr(s:lines,'liquid_subtype=\zs\w\+')
if b:liquid_subtype == ''
let b:liquid_subtype = matchstr(&filetype,'^liquid\.\zs\w\+')
if b:liquid_subtype == ''
let b:liquid_subtype = matchstr(substitute(expand('%:t'),'\c\%(\.liquid\)\+$','',''),'\.\zs\w\+$')
if b:liquid_subtype == ''
let b:liquid_subtype = g:liquid_default_subtype
if exists('b:liquid_subtype') && b:liquid_subtype != ''
exe 'runtime! syntax/'.b:liquid_subtype.'.vim'
unlet! b:current_syntax
syn case match
if exists('b:liquid_subtype') && b:liquid_subtype != 'yaml'
" YAML Front Matter
syn include @liquidYamlTop syntax/yaml.vim
unlet! b:current_syntax
syn region liquidYamlHead start="\%^---$" end="^---\s*$" keepend contains=@liquidYamlTop,@Spell
if !exists('g:liquid_highlight_types')
let g:liquid_highlight_types = []
if !exists('s:subtype')
let s:subtype = exists('b:liquid_subtype') ? b:liquid_subtype : ''
for s:type in map(copy(g:liquid_highlight_types),'matchstr(v:val,"[^=]*$")')
if s:type =~ '\.'
let b:{matchstr(s:type,'[^.]*')}_subtype = matchstr(s:type,'\.\zs.*')
exe 'syn include @liquidHighlight'.substitute(s:type,'\.','','g').' syntax/'.matchstr(s:type,'[^.]*').'.vim'
unlet! b:current_syntax
unlet! s:type
if s:subtype == ''
unlet! b:liquid_subtype
let b:liquid_subtype = s:subtype
unlet s:subtype
syn region liquidStatement matchgroup=liquidDelimiter start="{%" end="%}" contains=@liquidStatement containedin=ALLBUT,@liquidExempt keepend
syn region liquidExpression matchgroup=liquidDelimiter start="{{" end="}}" contains=@liquidExpression containedin=ALLBUT,@liquidExempt keepend
syn region liquidComment matchgroup=liquidDelimiter start="{%\s*comment\s*%}" end="{%\s*endcomment\s*%}" contains=liquidTodo,@Spell containedin=ALLBUT,@liquidExempt keepend
syn cluster liquidExempt contains=liquidStatement,liquidExpression,liquidComment,@liquidStatement,liquidYamlHead
syn cluster liquidStatement contains=liquidConditional,liquidRepeat,liquidKeyword,@liquidExpression
syn cluster liquidExpression contains=liquidOperator,liquidString,liquidNumber,liquidFloat,liquidBoolean,liquidNull,liquidEmpty,liquidPipe,liquidForloop
syn keyword liquidKeyword highlight nextgroup=liquidTypeHighlight skipwhite contained
syn keyword liquidKeyword endhighlight contained
syn region liquidHighlight start="{%\s*highlight\s\+\w\+\s*%}" end="{% endhighlight %}" keepend
for s:type in g:liquid_highlight_types
exe 'syn match liquidTypeHighlight "\<'.matchstr(s:type,'[^=]*').'\>" contained'
exe 'syn region liquidHighlight'.substitute(matchstr(s:type,'[^=]*$'),'\..*','','').' start="{%\s*highlight\s\+'.matchstr(s:type,'[^=]*').'\s*%}" end="{% endhighlight %}" keepend contains=@liquidHighlight'.substitute(matchstr(s:type,'[^=]*$'),'\.','','g')
unlet! s:type
syn region liquidString matchgroup=liquidQuote start=+"+ end=+"+ contained
syn region liquidString matchgroup=liquidQuote start=+'+ end=+'+ contained
syn match liquidNumber "-\=\<\d\+\>" contained
syn match liquidFloat "-\=\<\d\+\>\.\.\@!\%(\d\+\>\)\=" contained
syn keyword liquidBoolean true false contained
syn keyword liquidNull null nil contained
syn match liquidEmpty "\<empty\>" contained
syn keyword liquidOperator and or not contained
syn match liquidPipe '|' contained skipwhite nextgroup=liquidFilter
syn keyword liquidFilter date capitalize downcase upcase first last join sort size strip_html strip_newlines newline_to_br replace replace_first remove remove_first truncate truncatewords prepend append minus plus times divided_by contained
syn keyword liquidConditional if elsif else endif unless endunless case when endcase ifchanged endifchanged contained
syn keyword liquidRepeat for endfor tablerow endtablerow in contained
syn match liquidRepeat "\%({%\s*\)\@<=empty\>" contained
syn keyword liquidKeyword assign cycle include with contained
syn keyword liquidForloop forloop nextgroup=liquidForloopDot contained
syn match liquidForloopDot "\." nextgroup=liquidForloopAttribute contained
syn keyword liquidForloopAttribute length index index0 rindex rindex0 first last contained
syn keyword liquidTablerowloop tablerowloop nextgroup=liquidTablerowloopDot contained
syn match liquidTablerowloopDot "\." nextgroup=liquidTableForloopAttribute contained
syn keyword liquidTablerowloopAttribute length index index0 col col0 index0 rindex rindex0 first last col_first col_last contained
hi def link liquidDelimiter PreProc
hi def link liquidComment Comment
hi def link liquidTypeHighlight Type
hi def link liquidConditional Conditional
hi def link liquidRepeat Repeat
hi def link liquidKeyword Keyword
hi def link liquidOperator Operator
hi def link liquidString String
hi def link liquidQuote Delimiter
hi def link liquidNumber Number
hi def link liquidFloat Float
hi def link liquidEmpty liquidNull
hi def link liquidNull liquidBoolean
hi def link liquidBoolean Boolean
hi def link liquidFilter Function
hi def link liquidForloop Identifier
hi def link liquidForloopAttribute Identifier
let b:current_syntax = 'liquid'
if exists('main_syntax') && main_syntax == 'liquid'
unlet main_syntax
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