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@@ -670,13 +670,6 @@ Cream, the user friendly editor which uses Vim as a back-end. Ctrl+Enter
finds the file under the cursor (as in |rails-gf|), and Alt+[ and Alt+] find
the alternate (|rails-alternate|) and related (|rails-related|) files.
- *rails-template-types*
-Commands like :Rview use a hardwired list of extensions (erb, rjs, etc.)
-when searching for files. In order to facilitate working with non-standard
-template types, several popular extensions are featured in this list,
-including haml, liquid, and mab (markaby). These extensions will disappear
-once a related configuration option is added to rails.vim.
The presence of a spec directory causes several additional behaviors to
activate. :A knows about specs and will jump to them (but Test::Unit files

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