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+If your [commit message sucks][suck], I'm not going to accept your pull
+request. I've explained very politely dozens of times that [my general
+guidelines][guidelines] are absolute rules on my own repositories, so I may
+lack the energy to explain it to you yet another time. And please, if I ask
+you to change something, `git commit --amend` and `git push -f`.
+If a feature idea is nontrivial, you should probably open an issue to [discuss
+it][] before attempting a pull request. One of the biggest challenges in
+maintaining rails.vim has been beating back the bloat, so do not assume that
+your idea will make the cut. And if I like your idea, I'm generally amenable
+to just knocking it out myself, rather than making you familiarize yourself
+with a 4 thousand line code base.
+[discuss it]:
@@ -114,23 +114,6 @@ meantime, here's how you can set up `:make` to run the current test:
autocmd User Bundler
\ if &makeprg !~# 'bundle' | setl makeprg^=bundle\ exec\ | endif
-## Contributing
-If your [commit message sucks](,
-I'm not going to accept your pull request. I've explained very politely
-dozens of times that
-[my general guidelines](
-are absolute rules on my own repositories, so I may lack the energy to
-explain it to you yet another time. And please, if I ask you to change
-something, `git commit --amend`.
-Beyond that, don't be shy about asking before patching. What takes you
-hours might take me minutes simply because I have both domain knowledge
-and a perverse knowledge of VimScript so vast that many would consider
-it a symptom of mental illness. On the flip side, some ideas I'll
-reject no matter how good the implementation is. "Send a patch" is an
-edge case answer in my book.
## Self-Promotion
Like rails.vim? Follow the repository on

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