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Fixed :Tail, for real; more railslog highlighting

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1 parent 21e940d commit b935fb6715d8aac4b79b9ab0ddd1ad3fac1c2854 @tpope committed Jun 29, 2006
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@@ -484,7 +484,7 @@ function! s:Log(bang,arg)
if exists(":Tail")
- exe "Tail ".s:escapecmd(RailsRoot()).lf
+ exe "Tail ".s:escapecmd(RailsRoot()).'/'.lf
"exe "pedit ".s:escapecmd(RailsRoot()).lf
exe "sfind ".lf
@@ -988,10 +988,12 @@ endfunction
function! s:RailslogSyntax()
syn match railslogRender '^\s*\<\%(Processing\|Rendering\|Rendered\|Redirected\|Completed\)\>'
syn match railslogComment '^\s*# .*'
- syn match railslogModel '^\s*\u\w* \%(Load\%( Including Associations\)\=\|Columns\|Count\)\>' skipwhite nextgroup=railslogModelNum
+ syn match railslogModel '^\s*\u\w* \%(Load\%( Including Associations\| IDs For Limited Eager Loading\)\=\|Columns\|Count\|Update\|Destroy\|Delete all\)\>' skipwhite nextgroup=railslogModelNum
syn match railslogModel '^\s*SQL\>' skipwhite nextgroup=railslogModelNum
syn region railslogModelNum start='(' end=')' contains=railslogNumber contained skipwhite nextgroup=railslogSQL
syn match railslogSQL '\u.*$' contained
+ " Destroy generates multiline SQL, ugh
+ syn match railslogSQL '^ WHERE .*$'
syn match railslogNumber '\<\d\+\>%'
syn match railslogNumber '[ (]\@<=\<\d\+\.\d\+\>'
syn region railslogString start='"' skip='\\"' end='"' oneline contained

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