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Add formats for date -Im

From Erik Rathke.
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1 parent d01b808 commit 9dc0810b5b7f8e7ce04fbdc92125d1dbebc1022c @tpope committed Oct 24, 2013
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2 plugin/speeddating.vim
@@ -67,6 +67,8 @@ SpeedDatingFormat %a %h %-d %H:%M:%S %Y %z " git
SpeedDatingFormat %h %_d %H:%M:%S " syslog
SpeedDatingFormat %Y-%m-%d%[ T_-]%H:%M:%S %z
SpeedDatingFormat %Y-%m-%d%[ T_-]%H:%M:%S%?[Z] " SQL, etc.
+SpeedDatingFormat %Y-%m-%d%[ T_-]%H:%M%z " date -Im
+SpeedDatingFormat %Y-%m-%d%[ T_-]%H:%M
SpeedDatingFormat %Y-%m-%d
SpeedDatingFormat %-I:%M:%S%?[ ]%^P
SpeedDatingFormat %-I:%M%?[ ]%^P

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