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@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ line with the one above or below it.
There are mappings for encoding and decoding. `[x` and `]x` encode and
decode XML (and HTML). `[u` and `]u` encode and decode URLs. `[y` and
-`]y` do C String style escaping. `[Y` and `]Y` encode and decode Base64.
+`]y` do C String style escaping.
And in the miscellaneous category, there's `[f` and `]f` to go to the
next/previous file in the directory, and `[n` and `]n` to jump between
@@ -108,16 +108,6 @@ Mnenomic: encoding always comes before decoding; "[" always comes before "]".
- *[Y* *[YY* *v_[Y*
-[Y{motion} Base64 encode.
-[YY foo bar => Zm9vIGJhcg==
- *]Y* *]YY* *v_]Y*
-]Y{motion} Base64 decode
-]YY Input length must be a multiple of 4.
TODO *unimpaired-todo*
Avoid munging null characters when encoding and decoding.

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