Cannot use some mappings if : is mapped to something else #30

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skeept commented Jan 10, 2013

I have the following mappings in my vimrc:

nnoremap ; :
nnoremap : ;
vnoremap ; :
vnoremap : ;

this causes some of the mappings in this plugin not to work correctly, namely my favorites [q and [b.
[ still works.

I had some other mappings which also stopped working after this remap.
They were
nmap ,f :call PreciseJumpF(-1, -1, 0)
vmap ,f :call PreciseJumpF(-1, -1, 1)
omap ,f :call PreciseJumpF(-1, -1, 0)

I got them to work by using instead
nnoremap ,f :call PreciseJumpF(-2, -1, 0)
vnoremap ,f :call PreciseJumpF(-1, -1, 1)
onoremap ,f :call PreciseJumpF(-1, -1, 0)

would it be possible to do something similar for this plugin if it does not break anything else?

Thank you for your work in your plugins and your consideration in this matter.

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tpope commented Jan 10, 2013

Have fun repeating this process for every other plugin you use!

skeept commented Jan 10, 2013


I would do it only for the plugins that really matter!

(And the mapping of : takes a while to get used to, but once I got used to it, it becomes very nice (I use : a lot more than ;)

And I did remap tab too (remapped to ctrl-w, very convinient for closing opening and navigating windows)

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