Fix [o / ]o on Windows and use &suffixes for filtering #6

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blueyed added some commits Mar 15, 2011
@blueyed blueyed Throw error in case no entries() are found. ed33f38
@blueyed blueyed Filter &suffixes in s:entries().
Instead of hardcoded file extensions (".swp" and "~") use the &suffixes
setting to filter out any uninteresting entries.
@blueyed blueyed Doc update. c1a5920
@blueyed blueyed Use `<C-R>=` instead of backtick-expansion.
backtick-expansion does not appear to be supported on Windows. This
caused the `[o` and `]o` mappings to not work on Windows.

The same functionality is available through `<C-R>=`, which can be used

Okay, so scanning through the subsequent commits, it looks like the backticks are the real issue? Does that mean the original fix is moot?

Dropping backticks in favor of <C-R>= means that special characters like spaces need to be escaped. Though before I attempt that, I'd like to understand the problem a little better first. I've successfully used backticks in other plugins on Windows, so I think something a little more complex is going on.


Yes, "Use <C-R>= instead of backtick-expansion." makes "Throw error in case no entries() are found." moot, although I would still include the latter, in case something similar and unexpected would happen for another case.

The help on "backtick-expansion" says: "On Unix and a few other systems you can also use backticks in the file name", which pretty much excludes it for Windows for me..
As far as I know there is another form of backticks, when not used in filenames.


I experimented and found that to mean :e `=foo` would work on all platforms, while :e foo`=bar`baz only works on UNIX. As a base case, try :let foo = ".vimrc" and :e `=foo` and see if that works for you.


The base case (:let foo = ".vimrc" and :e `=foo`) works.

@tpope tpope added a commit that closed this pull request Dec 31, 2012
@tpope Don't use backticks
Closes #6.  I don't really understand why this would supposedly break on
Windows, but backticks have other issues (such as with 'wildignore') so
we'll ditch them anyways.
@tpope tpope closed this in 209c15e Dec 31, 2012
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