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apeschel commented Apr 3, 2012

The current colorscheme makes it difficult to see search highlighting on a black background. I have provided one possible solution to this problem.


tpope commented Jul 8, 2012

In my opinion, using grey makes it slightly easier to find, but slightly harder to read, and I favor the current implementation. What terminal are you using? Different terminals can have different color cubes, and I'm willing to take that into account.

Arkham commented Jul 21, 2012

I have noticed this problem aswell and I'm using iTerm2 with the default dark background palette. I've found with some tinkering that my personal sweet spot is 82 (since it doesn't conflict with visual highlight), let me show you some examples:

Using 81:
vividchalk search 81

Using 82:
vividchalk search 82

vividchalk search grey


tpope commented Jul 21, 2012

@Arkham iTerm2 supports 256 colors, yet the colors you cite hail from an 88 color terminal. What gives?

Arkham commented Jul 22, 2012

I'm not exactly sure, do you see something obvious in my .vimrc? (
I've also made a couple of screenshots of the vanilla vividchalk theme from iterm2 ( and macvim ( to show the color differences between the two. Am i doing something wrong? :)

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