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YQL is extensible using a table definition. This repository will hold community contributed definitions.

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amazon update amazon tables to go to for javascript
amee sorted out mlformed xml
answers Adding Yahoo! Answers API
auth Force https for auth.basic requests
bing Add bing tables
bitly add bitly.shorten table
craigslist added open table
data add multi query support to get asynchronous access to unrelated queri…
delicious tweaks
dopplr A few tweaks
etsy Etsy user favorites
facebook add support for a single facebook table
flickr Grabbing the XML for the parent photoset object rather than just the …
friendfeed fix the batching
geo fixing exceptions when url doesn't parse; fixed misaligned places and…
github Removed combined file
google Google translation requires key
gov adding usapsending tables
greader New greader
greenbookings add green bookings for a 3rd party
guardian Add the guardian env file
imdb sample tables from the blog post
instapaper Complete working Instapaper add API
iplocation the location of the iplocation service has changed
js moving JS libraries into tables repo
kiva kiva tables updates
lastfm Added recent tracks
limewirestore Fix cdata issue
mediawikiapi Really fix paging (last page was still too big)
misc Docs are at the main URL now via a stylesheet
movies get a list of the movies available
ncbi added table for ncbi entez egquery
nestoria fix a typo
netflix put the titles at the top level
nmm update documentationUrl
nyt proper itemPath for NYT NewsWire API
opensocial fix the itemPath and response object. add a sample query.
quickbase add insert/update/delete to quickbase
regex adding regex table to yql to filter text by JS regex
rtm Add new tables for fetching user-authorization URL, and getting an au…
salesforce salesforce bug fix
search Add a paging model to search.imageweb
shopping add salesforce, tweak a couple of yahoo ones
slideshare rename and move somethings around to make it appear in the console a …
social sample tables from the blog post
socialgraph push the initial url as a trusted url
sunlight adding missing sunlight foundation tables
tarpipe Adding test content.
twitter - Adding twitter user tables based on…
usgs adding usgs tables
weather weather apis
wesabe add support for one of wesabes public apis
whitepages add whitepages support. you will need an api key for this.
wordpress adding wordpress IUD table
yahoo Fix parsing of city state zip info from stock profile info.
yelp add a yelp search table
zillow adding zillow search api
.gitignore - Adding twitter user tables based on…
alltables.env add new ncbi table
index.html added title to index
update.groovy add support for a single facebook table
Fork of yql-tables to add Yahoo Finance related tables.

See "Wiki": for details.
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