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JASMIN; a Library for Cognitive Tasks in JavaScript
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What is JASMIN?

JASMIN (Javascript As Sociopsychological Measurement INstrument) is a library of JavaScript modules for administering response time tasks in a browser.

How this repo is organized

  • dist. All jasmin objects packaged together
  • ext. External libraries
  • src. JASMIN source code
  • test. Tests (and demos) of JASMIN objects

JASMIN Applications

  • Select a task: select a paradigm, topic, and language and then run the corresponding task out of more than 100 varieties (like an English Cannabis Approach Avoidance Task, an Italian Alcohol Stroop, a Lithuanian Brief Implicit Association Task). Note that this is using the outdated JASMIN1 library.
  • MindSurfer: Using JASMIN to realize a task and a questionnaire, after which giving feedback on participant's behavior via texts and plots.

Learning materials

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