customize select tags in forms, demo :
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- convert all select (comboboxes) to droplists :
	or with settings

- set value
	at conversion
	jQuery('#mydiv select').droplist().data('droplist').setValue('xxx');
	or later :
	jQuery('#mydiv .droplist').droplist().setValue('xxx');


v1.7 by (30 Sep 2012)
 * Fixes for recent jQuery versions (dependencies)
 + autoscroll the listitems if customScroll is set
 + allow to set the select width in html without css

v1.3 by
 + showkeys option and blinking caret

v1.2 by (29 Oct 2010) :
 + show typed keys
 * moved drop button inside "value" div (absolute)
 * renamed $ to jQuery, self to "me"
 + merged some changes from alex's 0.4 version (r28)
   + open and close triggers
   + namespace
   + label click
   * renamed droplistchange trigger to "change"
   * renamed disabled class to droplist-disabled
   * input hidden removed, use original select

v1.1 by (19 Sep 2010) :
 + IE9 public beta compatible
 * fixes for css width/height
v1.0 by (02 Sep 2010) :
 + Second call to .droplist() returns plugin instance
 + .droplist() results new created div(s)
 + keep original option/li classes
 + create html #id on new <id>_div, and <id>_hidden based on select id
 * rewrote local settings/defaults code
 * renamed css files
 * some graphic fixes in png
v0.9 by (01 Sep 2010) :
 + fixed left border in skin + new theme without borders
 + new (fast) slide setting, default active
 + difference between selected and focused items
 + reset text to title if defined
 + always set input hidden value
 + disabled state and disabled options
 + original onchange attr visible on input hidden
v0.8 by (31 Aug 2010) :
 + width setting
 + autoresize the whole container
 * fix autoresize false (default alex's droplist)
 * fix selected setting if "0" or ""
 * fix some events in IE
 * fix list-up position
 * fix sample console bug if not exists
 * local settings vars
v0.7 by (30 Aug 2010) :
 + mousedown event for faster droplist opening
 + bind all "li a" to prevent IE page jump
 + added a "selected" setting to force initial value
 + added setValue() public method
 * fix .data('droplist') when used on select, also to close all opened
v0.6 by (29 Aug 2010) :
 + autoresize setting to reduce selectbox width when possible
 + optgroup key navigation
 + CSS cleanup
v0.5 by (28 Aug 2010) :
 + Prevent event propagation on click and key nav.
 + Automatic addClass("droplist") on <select>,
   allowing a simple jQuery('select').droplist();
v0.4 by (23 Aug 2010) :
 + Arrows,Page,End Key navigation / Enter,space to select
 + Type ahead : next position and rotation
 + Automatic onchange event from select tag