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<author>Adobe Systems</author>
<description>Generate a scaffolded application suitable for backend administration
based on ColdFusion Object Relational Mapping (ORM) technology. Additionally, this will generate
remote services for Flex clients and unit testing code for use with MXUnit.
Please note, Apptacular REQUIRES COLDFUSION 9. It uses ORM technology that was added in version 9,
and cannot use earlier versions.
<!-- Create an onProjectCreate Handler that allows you to run apptacular when you create an app -->
<event type="onprojectcreate" handlerid="handlerCreateProject" />
<!-- Add menu contributions to RDS Data View -->
<menucontributions >
<contribution target="rdsview" >
<menu name="Apptacular">
<action name="Generate Application" handlerid="generate" >
<input name="Location" default="{$projectlocation}" label="Enter destination" tooltip="Location where generated CFCs will be stored" type="projectdir"/>
<input name="GenerateRemoteServices" label="Create Remote Services" tooltip="This will expose your application via remote services to Flex or AJAX projects. There are security implications so don't check unless you know you need this." type="boolean" default="false" />
<action name="------------------------------" />
<action name="About Apptacular" handlerid="about"></action>
<contribution target="projectview" >
<menu name="Apptacular">
<action name="Regenerate Application" handlerid="generate"></action>
<action name="------------------------------" />
<action name="Edit Application Configuration" handlerid="editConfig"></action>
<action name="Edit Database Data Model" handlerid="editDB"></action>
<action name="Activate/Deactivate Tables" handlerid="editActive"></action>
<action name="Edit Item Data Model" handlerid="configtable">
<filter type="file" pattern=".*\.cfc" />
<action name="------------------------------" />
<action name="Create Application" handlerid="handlerCreateProject"></action>
<action name="------------------------------" />
<action name="Check for Updates" handlerid="update"></action>
<action name="------------------------------" />
<action name="Prune Excess Files" handlerid="purge"></action>
<action name="------------------------------" />
<action name="About Apptacular" handlerid="about"></action>
<!-- Define Handlers-->
<handler id="generate" type="CFM" filename="handlerGenerate.cfm" />
<handler id="editDB" type="CFM" filename="handlerEditDB.cfm" />
<handler id="editConfig" type="CFM" filename="handlerEditConfig.cfm" />
<handler id="editActive" type="CFM" filename="handlerActiveTables.cfm" />
<handler id="purge" type="CFM" filename="handlerPurge.cfm" />
<handler id="configtable" type="CFM" filename="handlerEditTable.cfm" />
<handler id="handlerCreateProject" type="CFM" filename="handlerCreateProject.cfm" />
<handler id="update" type="CFM" filename="handlerupdate.cfm" />
<handler id="about" type="CFM" filename="handlerAbout.cfm" />
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