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Companion app for GCP Quest.

This is the companion app for GCPQuest. It must be installed in your GCP project to get GCPQuest to work.


  • Create New Project (Must limit length to 16 chars)
  • Navigate to Compute Engine in Cloud Console - wait for GCE to be activated
  • Open Cloud Shell in Project
  • run export PROJECT=[project id] where project id is the id of the project you created.
  • run git clone
  • run cd GCPQuest-Companion
  • run make
  • browse to https://[project id]

Should output:

  "quest": "intro_sys",
  "complete": false,
  "notes": "API not enabled yet."
}, {
  "quest": "intro_bigdata",
  "complete": false,
  "notes": ""
}, {
  "quest": "intro_dev",
  "complete": false,
  "notes": "API not enabled yet."