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PhoneGap Build Extension for Brackets

The goal of this project is to create an extension that allows Brackets users an easy path to getting web projects from Brackets into a mobile application.

To do this, there are a couple of things the extension must do:

  • Associate a folder with a PhoneGap Build Project (Done)
  • Synch a folder with the associated PhoneGap Build Project
  • Maintain the current status of the PhoneGap Build Project (Building, Success, Error) (Done)

There are also some things that might be nice, but aren't necessary:

  • Prompt for download of apps
  • Allow PhoneGap Build Management

Things that we will have to figure out:

  • Getting files up to PhoneGap Build
  • Associating Folders with PGB Projects (Done)
  • How to build a pleasing UI.


  • Create local storage for:
    • file location to project link
  • Figure out how to handle online/offline
  • Figure out how to upload files from Brackets to PhoneGap Build.
  • Make the UI Prettier, it's pretty lame right now.