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This is a collection of packages that use Google Cloud's ML APIs to act as a form of authentication. Basically, pass in a term or a condition and an ML-able artifact (iamge for vision, audio file for speech, etc..). Then the package uses the appropriate ML API to find the term in the artifact.


  • Create a Google Cloud Project
  • Create env variables for project:
export mlauth_project=[Name of proejct]
export mlauth_bucket=[Name of testing bucket] 
  • Run init command
make init

This will do the following:

  • Create a bucket for testing
  • Copy files for testing to bucket
  • Create a service account for applications
  • Create a key file so that we can use this service account in default credentials mode
  • Activate Services in your project
    • Speech
    • Vision
    • Natural Language

After this is done you need to set the environment variable for api calls to work.

  • Set the env variable for Google Cloud default credentials
export GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS=[Project Path]/creds/creds.json 

You can run make test afterwards to determine if everything worked.

This is not an official Google product.

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