A series of articles for an introduction into PHP's internals
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Update: I will no longer be posting articles here. Instead, checkout the PHPInternals.net website for new content around PHP's internals.

PHP Internals Articles

This repository contains articles that will aim to provide an introduction into PHP's internals. Some articles will take a pragmatic approach (typically having more breadth with less depth), and other articles will focus solely on particular aspects of internals (typically having less breadth with great depth). All of the articles here will be written for PHP 7 (powered by the Zend Engine version 3 (ZE3)) and above.

These articles assume that the reader is able to build PHP from source. If this is not the case, then please see the Building PHP chapter of the PHP Internals Book first.

Article Index

Feel free to open up issues to request/suggest topics that you would like to see covered!

Other sources for PHP's internals