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I am trying to make all file in a bucket public so i can make the stream i am not able to do this with the following code.

if (!class_exists('S3')) require 's3/S3.php';

    // AWS access info
    if (!defined('awsAccessKey')) define('awsAccessKey', $as3key);
    if (!defined('awsSecretKey')) define('awsSecretKey', $assecretkey);

    $s3 = new S3(awsAccessKey, awsSecretKey);

    $bucket = ltrim($_POST['bucket']);
    $policy = ltrim($_POST['policy']);

    $s3->putBucket($bucket, S3::ACL_PUBLIC_READ);

    if (($contents = $s3->getBucket($bucket)) !== false) {

        foreach ($contents as $object) {

            $fname = $object['name'];

            if (($acp = S3::getAccessControlPolicy($bucket,$fname)) !== false) {

                echo "<pre>";
                echo "</pre>";
            // Here you would modify the $acp array...
            // For example, grant access to the S3 LogDelivery system:
            $acp["acl"][] = array( 
                "type" => "Group", "uri" => "", "permission" => "FULL_CONTROL"
            // Then update the policy using the modified $acp array:
            if (S3::setAccessControlPolicy($bucket, $fname, $acp)) {
                echo $fname . "Policy updated";




Can you help with this???

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