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Example of submitting parallel jobs using qsub to the cluster "jhpce"

Website for the cluster:

  1. Modify the directories inside myjobs.R and to your corresponding project directory on the cluster. I'm using "project directory" as a generic directory.

  2. Copy the 3 files (myjobs.R,, parallel_seeds.csv) to the project directory.

  3. Create a new subfolder called Rout (to store the auto-generated log files, which you can refer to if the code has some bug)

  4. In terminal, cd to your project directory, and type:

qsub -t 1:100

Here, 1:100 means you want to submit 100 jobs. is the shell script that "asks" cluster to run the corresponding R code. You can open the shell script and see there are two parts in a single line: the first part is telling the cluster what R code to run; the second part is telling the cluster where to store the Rout log file. After the job is done, you can open the Rout log files using any text editor.