A gtk3 based gui interface for aircrack-ng, built in python-gth
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aircrack-ng GUI

An aircrack-ng gui interface using python-gtk3

What can it do?

Performing a bruteforce attack on WPA/WPA2 networks using aircrack-ng and iw.


To Install On Linux

  • make sure aircrack-ng is installed
  • Clone the repo git clone https://github.com/tqk-gh/aircrack-ng-gui.git
  • cd aircrack-ng-gui/
  • Install the script by sudo python setup.py install
  • It should have added the script to /usr/bin/ and you can now run it from the terminal by sudo aircrack-ng-gui.py


  • You can uninstall it through pip by pip uninstall aircrack-ng-gui

To Manually Run The Script

  • make sure aircrack-ng is installed
  • clone the repo
  • cd aircrack-ng-gui/
  • install dependencies by pip install -r requirements.txt
  • run aircrack-ng-gui by sudo python aircrack-ng-gui/aircrack-ng-gui.py | make sure you are running it with python 3

Airodump-ng output files are saved in /home/$USER/.aircrack-ng-gui/


Main Window

Main Window where user can choose to go to Scan, airmon-ng, and aircrack-ng windows after selecting the interface (wlp4s0)

Alt text

Airmon-ng Window

A window to check, start or stop airmon-ng, along with starting and stopping systemd NetworkManager.service

Alt text

Scanning Window

A wifi access point scanning window. After choosing their interface, the user can scan for wifi ap using iw. Then, after choosing the target ap, they can go to airodump-ng after starting airmon-ng

Alt text

Airmon-ng "with ssid chosen" Window

Very similar to Airmon-ng window, except this one pass the ssid variables "SSID, BSSID, CHANNEL" to Airodump-ng window

Alt text

Airodump-ng Window | 1

To run airodump-ng (via desired terminal emulator) on the targeted SSID and output the file (with the handshake) to a desired file name. | (could be done better using STDERR and subprocess)

Alt text

Airodump-ng Window | 2

After running airodump-ng, the user can use aireplay to send deauthentication packets for desired n times and a desired station to capture the handshake

Alt text

Aircrack-ng Window

After saving the handshake into a cap file, aircrack can be accessed from the main window. The user chooses a .cap file that contain the handshake and a wordlist to perform the bruteforce attack on their desired terminal emulator.

Alt text

development stages

  • Initially, it is to support airmon-ng, where the user can start, stop and check the status of airmon-ng.

  • Access points scanning using "iw" with automatic bssid and channel extraction.

  • Airodump-ng with ability to choose the access point, and airodump-ng will output the data in .cap format * still looking for a way to autodetect the handshake and terminate airodump-ng

  • An aircrack-ng window where the user can select a wordlist and the cap file that has the handshake. Then, the script will try to bruteforce the handshake using the wordlist